Popular and easy to use new smartphone app, Invisipay, is highlighted in this commercial. T3AM captures the new modern way to pay at restaurants.  

"We aim to provide the safest community where you can feel secure buying or selling anything. While there are many services that may insure you in the event your identity or accounts are compromised, we want to help you avoid identity and account theft in the first place. We conceal all your sensitive information when you buy or sell so you are always protected. Further, we deploy proprietary fraud tools to give you the greatest security possible". 

Contact: Invisipay

Yogurt Time is the #1 self serve yogurt shop in Northern California. Owner, Reza, gives T3AM some insight about what sets him apart from the competition.

"Yogurt Time Frozen Yogurt is nonfat and cholesterol free, with 1/3 the calories of most ice creams. All our self made treats are made with premium frozen yogurt and loads of good toppings. Perfect for the young and those just young at heart".

Contact: Yogurt Time