Let's Debate: 2016 Presidential Debate (Recap)

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So after much anticipation, Americans were finally given the opportunity to see their two presidential candidates face off in the first of three internationally televised debates.  Democratic candidate Senator Hilary Clinton and her opponent Republican candidate Donal Trump, didn't seem to hold back any punches during the live ABC broadcast at New York's Hofstra University.  

We have heard an array of unwarranted comments from both parties (maybe one a bit more than the other), over the past year and a half, and our summer was filled with sound bytes of ridiculous statements that I for sure never anticipated hearing from U.S. presidential candidates.  This debate really showcased the distinct differences between both candidates and party strategy, and was also effectively moderated by NBC's Lester Holt, though at times the candidates did seem to get a bit out of his control.  Looking forward, the state of our nation has not always felt promising these past few months, and this event was important for Americans to see who truly has the best temperament, experience, and intelligence to take on this immense responsibility.

In an effort not to be bias, I'll just say that there were some really important issues to me that I'm glad were discussed.  I understand that there are moral issues that both parties have differences over, but to be honest, I feel those will always be topics of debate (i.e. abortion, gay marriage, etc).  In my opinion, there are some more pressing matters that I wanted each candidate to address:

1)  The economic strategy from both candidates and how they would like to proceed with taxes, etc.  

2)  Race relations and how the nation will go forward with handling instances of brutality, specifically against minorities.

3)  Foreign relations, what areas can we improve in trade and how do we continue to enhance our foreign relations while combatting terrorist threats. 

My opinion on Trump vs Clinton when it pertains to economy, I have to side with Clinton.  I have studied for may years the effects and constructs of Reagan's "trickle down economy" strategy, and that is what Trump would like to implement to a degree.  Personally, I feel that giving tax breaks to the wealthiest of Americans has proven time and again to not truly benefit the middle class or lower class families that are in need, which is why the gap between wealthy and middle class has risen since the late 70s to now.  We should never again assume that wealthy individuals will have a since of moral and business obligation to help their employees or those that are in need.  Trump was honest, when he said "that's business" when he was accused by Clinton of showing malice when in 2008 he said it was a good benefit that the real estate market collapsed.  To me, statements like that help me to see the true character of the candidates, and I thought that moment really helped my decision for the November elections.

Regardless, whomever you found favor in during the debate, just be sure to go out and do your duty as an American citizen and vote!

CHECK OUT this article by ABC about "Fact Checking" each of the points the candidates made.  I felt this was really helpful to read after seeing the debate in full!

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