Continued Sadness....

I had a whole post written up about the new Magnificent Seven remake that is coming out. That was until I watched the Cell Phone video that was released by the Keith Lamont Scott family. After watching that, it just didn't feel right to post about a movie or about anything else. We have discussed about the issues going on today quite frequently and this time isn't much different. This may be the shortest post that I write but I still wanted to say something.

With that being said, my sentiments echo the posts of my fellow T3AM members recently. It is hard to watch all of this continue to happen in our society. Losing friends, family members, neighbors, acquaintances all to senseless violence by each other and by individuals who are supposed to serve and protect us. These incidents are sadder and sadder each time because we are still seeing it happen. 

I have posted the video below. It is very hard to watch, but please watch it. There is still a huge issue going on in America today and we can't keep burying our heads in the sand. We all have a voice and if it is not seen as a problem, then that is a big part of the problem as well. There is a family who lost someone and the City of Charlotte is on edge. I understand that being a police officer is difficult job and it is a potentially deadly job but that doesn't excuse their actions. There are non-lethal means of de-escalating a situation. Those means should be used and deadly force should be a last resort and not the initial action.