The Long Take Again - Children of Men

A little bit ago, we took a look at the long take. We all know about the impact that it can have in a film especially with the rise of movies being shot completely in the one take vain. We talked about Creed and the impact that it had on the film with the walk up to the boxing ring. We've seen films such as Gravity, The Revenant, and Birdman utilize this technique to the fullest.

Children of Men by Alfonso Cuaron utilizes this technique throughout the film in very memorable fashion. While there are still stitch points for each take, they are hidden well throughout. They help bring you into the action and without the cuts, it provides a seamless integration to the scene. When you look at some of the greatest Long-Takes of all time, I find it hard to not include Children of Men. The take doesn't carry any gimmicky weight and definitely lends to film. Take a watch below:

As you can see, when planned out, it can help heighten any movie. It provides you with a real-time look of what they are experiencing as well as forcing you to be a part of the scene. They also utilized it during a different part of the movie below.

The film still sticks with you and those scenes especially stand out. Take the time to watch the entire film or at least these scenes and the trailer below.