City Nights of Live Music: The Walter Earl Trio

It was a beautiful Spring night in downtown San Francisco, while car lights passed by in light traffic with the slightest rain mist drizzling overhead. I stepped into a dim lit eclectic bar, with interesting styled furniture and a sign that authenticated the unique atmosphere "Devil's Acre". Though intrigued by the setting and welcoming presence from the bar patrons, I was captivated by the set up in the corner, which was slightly more lit by candles and contained a worn piano, a bass with speaker monitors, and a small drum set.

To many of the restaurant attendees surprise, three males walked up to the small stage which housed the instrument set up.  A young black male sat down at the piano, smiled and spoke in the microphone with a smooth tone saying, "My name is Walter Earl and this is the Walter Earl Trio.  We'd like to welcome you fine folks to the Devil's Acre with some live music. Please enjoy!" 

As a native of the Bay Area one has become accustomed to hearing live bands throughout various bars around the cities, but The Walter Earl Trio was one that left me in pure amazement.  It was watching their collaboration, improvisation and rolodex of modern soul and jazz riffs that left me and the small Sunday night audience yearning for more.  Check out the small video I made, which showcases just one of their songs from their 3 hour long set!

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