Rollin With a RONIN

There are many new advances within filmmaking that are constantly giving independents an opportunity to make each project look better.  These advancing tools are geared towards raising a projects production value, while still letting you (the indie filmmaker) purchase it without selling your kidney.  One of the most popular and highly used camera tools today is the camera stabilizing device called the DJI Ronin.

This video above showcases the many diverse functions and scenes the DJI Ronin can function in, as well as the smooth finished look it produces.  Lin Oedin, a notable stunt coordinator throughout the Hollywood film industry with credits in Straight Outta Compton (2015), The Equalizer (2014), Star Trek Into Darkness (2013), and Man of Steel (2013) to name a few, showcases how he takes advantage of what the Ronin can do in his directorial short film Lifted.  This behind-the scenes video really gives you an in depth view of the complexities and various functions involved with the Ronin, while showcasing what can be done cinematically in a very short amount of time.

After watching the behind-the-scenes video above, be sure to WATCH the actual finished product of the short film Lifted (2015) .

  • WATCH the short film Lifted (2015).