Obama Out (Mic Drop)

This past Saturday was President Obama's eight and final White House Correspondents Dinner. I know he's got writers and all that, but delivery is everything when telling a joke. And Mr. President delivered. The President had quips and zingers for a little over a half-hour. Making fun of himself, Major Cable News Networks, Bernie Sanders, Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and a multitude of others. The correspondents dinner is a classy affair, so for him to keep the laughs coming was pretty impressive. He even made a video of what he's gonna do once he is out of office.

It's good to see The President's personality. Often times we can forget that President, or other public figures, are humans too and it's good to see their sense of humor. Here's a bonus video he did last month with Steph Curry. My mom actually sent me this link. 

Complete Video of President Obama at White House Correspondents Dinner 2016

Moving on to Comedian Larry Wilmore's, host of the The Nightly Show, performance. I'm no comedian, but one thing I do know, is that you have to know your audience. And this was not the audience for this particular set. Personally I thought it was hilarious, but there is a time and a place for everything. But what do you expect when you hire a comedian, they are going to cross all lines. It's just what they do. I think part of it that made the set funny was when you would hear the groans from the crowd. It was like they wanted to know if it was ok or appropriate to laugh. Plus it made people super uncomfortable. Here is the complete video. It definitely has offensive content...you have been warned.

In other news, make sure you get out and vote this year. Not only in the national election, but in your local elections as well. Doesn't matter what side of the issues you are on, be sure to be heard. There are ways to disagree and still come to a compromise. Yelling back and forth never solved anything, look at Congress. I'm gonna stop myself before I rant. Anyway get involved, be active, go vote!