Guardians of the Gate

We at T3AM Productions, like to provide insight into behind the curtain of filmmaking. We love to mention learning from the masters. As you have noticed from some of our previous BlogV's, we have focused on the Cinematographers, & the writers. One important position that often gets overlooked is the Camera Operator. They are the ones that get to view the movie as it is being made. They help control the frame and everything inside of it while a take is going on.

The Banff Centre, at Story Summit 2016, sat down with three amazing Camera Operators. You have seen the work from the amazing camera operators before but you probably don't know their names. They have covered such films as Saving Private Ryan, Silver Linings Playbook, I am Legend and such amazing telelvision shows as Oz, The Wire, and Scandal. Their names are Mitch Dubin (Saving Private Ryan, Bridge of Spies), Steve Fracol (Sons of Anarchy, Scandal), and David J. Thompson (The Wire, American Hustle). They offered insight into what it is like being a camera operator, how they "fill in the gaps".

My favorite part of the article is the advice they offer for new directors and what to avoid. I agree completely with their assessment about perfection and attempting to replicate it again, hoping for a different response.


If you haven't seen some of their work, which I know is probably impossible, I have attached trailers below from Saving Private Ryan, Sons of Anarchy and Silver Linings Playbook. Know that behind those amazing visuals are their steady eyes and hands operating the camera.