Understanding Chivo - Emmanuel Lubezki's Cinematography

We, at T3AM Productions, are always looking to continue to learn and grown our knowledge base. As we have pointed out before, the best way to learn, is to learn from the masters. When it comes to Cinematography right now, there is no one more on top of the game than Mr. Emmanuel Lubezki. 3 consecutive Academy Awards for Best Cinematography. That is the feat that Emmanuel Lubezki just accomplished with his recent win for The Revenant in 2016. He has proven to be a master of his craft with the seamless works of Gravity in 2014, Birdman in 2015, and The Revenant this year. 

He has a style that is all his own, but what helps make him great, is his ability to bend his style to fit the directors vision.  WolfCrow took some time out to breakdown the Cinematography of Emmanuel Lubezki . While it is not directly from Chivo himself, it is still a great breakdown of what stylistic choices Lubezki uses to help achieve his looks.

If you have the time to listen, we have also included an interview that took place with Emmanuel Lubezki and Gold Derby. There are no visuals to accompany it, but again, any chance to learn from the masters, has to be utilized. He talks about the utilization of natural light, his relationship with Alejandro González Iñárritu, and magic hour in The Revenant.