Album Review: The Life of Pablo

About a month ago Kanye West released his 7th studio album titled "The Life of Pablo". Released exclusively on Tidal, this was his first album not to make the charts. Since Tidal doesn't release their streaming data to Nielsen, it did not chart on the US Billboard 200. Regardless of what numbers it may or may not have recorded, I'm here to give you my take on the album.

I remember when I first listened to The College Dropout, I could listen to it without skipping any tracks. The past few Kanye albums I found myself skipping more tracks than usual. I am all for someone growing and changing musically and all that, but it doesn't mean I have to like it. Kanye has grown beyond just a hip hop producer and a rapper. He is simply an artist. At time I don't agree with what is style may be and that's ok, that happens with alot of people I like. Getting back to my point The Life of Pablo brought me back to The College Dropout days. Featured artist on this album are Kirk Franklin, Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper, and Kid Cudi, to name a few.  It was the perfect balance of Kanye of the past, present, and future. I feel that if you were a fan of the old Kanye or the new Kanye you were more than satisfied with this album.

The opening song Ultralight Beam is one of my favorites. It features Kirk Franklin and Chance the Rapper. You can definitely feel the strong gospel influence of this song, especially with the choir singing background vocals. Kanye also sings kind sorta which isn't bad but isn't great. I am not a fan of rappers singing...ever...on anything, for any reason. Still a good song though. Another track I enjoyed was Feedback. Beat was onpoint for this song. I Love Kanye was a freestyle/interlude. It was a clear throwback to a younger, hungrier, and funnier Kanye. It was refreshing to hear him just spit off the top and have fun with it. Last but not least my favorite track on the album No More Parties in L.A., featuring Kendrick Lamar. The production reminded me of early Kanye, when he used those soulful samples in his songs. It may not get the radio airplay and be a mainstream hit, but it's my go to song on this album. Overall I'd give this album a 8/10. All around it's a good album, very solid throughout. Not my favorite Kanye album, but probably my favorite of the last few that came out. If you're a Hip-Hop head definitely give it a listen and even if you're just a music fan, it's worth the listen.

In other Hip-Hop news, I'd like to say Rest in Peace to Phife Dawg, founding member of A Tribe Called Quest, who passed away due to diabetes complications. He was 45. 

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