Polls Are In: And the Winner is...Frank Underwood? - House of Cards (season 4)

The presidential elections are in full force (especially today being March 15: Super Tuesday 3) and it is almost impossible to get away from the media surrounding the GOP elections.  Regardless of your GOP candidate preference, there is some political news that film/television enthusiasts can’t get away from, and that is the new season of Netflix’s original political drama House of Cards!  Netflix Promo for House of Cards (Season 4) - Frank Underwood Portrait Unveils, before the season aired shown here:

Last week we at T3AM gave you some interesting news about spring television series that you should keep a look out for and House of Cards was definitely on the list!  If you haven’t followed the previous seasons then I suggest purchasing a Netflix account as soon as possible and begin binge watching every episode, like most of us HOC fans tend to do anyway. 

This season the writers of HOC take us into the shadowy world of greed, sex, corruption, and ruthless intent that permeates throughout the White House under the presidency of Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey).  Set in present day Washington D.C. HOC season 4 brings new pivotal players to a compelling plot, even though at times it can seem a bit unrealistic.  What is most intriguing is that HOC touches on many of the modern day political struggles such as, foreign affairs in the Middle East (ICO threat, similar to ISIS), inexperienced political frontrunners, and of course political scandal.  Kevin Spacey alludes to this notion in a recent interview shown here:

Without giving away the plot, there are notable performances from new and past faces that truly make season 4 must watch Netflix television.  I was especially pleased by the performances of Neve Campbell as campaign consultant LeAnn Harvey, Sebastian Arcelus as the investigative reporter Lucas Goodwin, and the amazing performance of Elle Burstyn as Claire’s mother Elizabeth Hail (writers were ingenious for that last name).


In case you missed our last BlogV, below is the trailer for the new season, though most of us HOC fans have already watched the full season and are analyzing where season 5 will take off!  Yes, there is enough drama in our current political races for both Republicans and Democrats, but I would suggest all film/television enthusiasts to race to see this political drama.  You won’t be disappointed!