Finding Léana

This “side project” with Léana Courtney turned into something I totally didn’t expect. It started with taking a few photos of her live performance, then video, and transformed into the start of a web series titled T3AM Profile. For this project the crew followed Léana literally all over Los Angeles including NoHo, Pasadena, DTLA, Hollywood and even had an adventure on the LA Metro. I could talk all day about this project and how everything came about, but I won’t. There are too many stories to tell and it would be to hard to pick just one that is a favorite. It was a fun adventure and I am very proud of the work and effort people put in. It was an enjoyable journey.

A BIG THANK YOU to Léana. Thank you for your patience, letting me following you around, put cameras in your face and ask you questions. I would also like to thank Nick Arocho, the drummer, and Alexis Soto. bassist, for taking part in this as well. Thanks to Adam Neilson for allowing the crew to take over his place for a few hours, the people at all the venues (sorry for blocking the view sometimes), anyone and everyone who had any part of this - THANK YOU. All that being said, watch the video and enjoy.

The Crew

Additional Performance/B-Roll Camera - Graham Mason

Original Music - Léana Courtney

Interview "A" Camera - Taurean Reynolds

Interview "B" Camera - Nathan Francis

Interview Assistant Camera - Austin Williams

Sound Mixer/Boom Operator - Moses Davis III

Produced by T3AM Productions