THR Cinematographer Roundtable

Ever wondered what it takes to be a Professional Cinematographer?

The Hollywood Reporter sat down with six amazing Cinematographers and they spoke about different aspects of the filmmaking process. THR was able to speak with Robert Richardson ('The Hateful Eight'), Alwin Kuchler ('Steve Jobs'), Danny Cohen ('The Danish Girl,' 'Room'), Linus Sandgren ('Joy'), Masanobu Takayanagi ('Black Mass,' 'Spotlight') and Mandy Walker ('Truth'). This is another Roundtable in the long line of filmmaker discussions from THR.

They touch on topics ranging from working with a first time director to mistakes made on set and even for Mandy Walker's journey as a woman in such a male-dominated industry.

If you happen to have an hour of time, you can garner a small glimpse into a few of the amazing minds that exist in Hollywood. Learning from the mistakes and experiences from the masters is a great way for any of us to continue to evolve and grow in this industry.

I've also linked the article from THR below if you want to read more.