Film Revival

Who said Film is dead? It’s not if Kodak has anything to say about it. Star Wars, Hateful 8, Jurassic World, and Spectre have all proven that film as a medium is still alive and well. Kodak recently announced the production of their Super 8mm camera. They’re hoping to bring Film back to the masses and I for one am all for it. It is different than the 8mm Camera that Christopher Nolan, Steven Spielberg, and Quinten Tarentino first shot on.

This camera blends the old with the new, bringing a digital screen and inputs to the film medium. It will be interesting to see what happens with the camera once it is released. It will at least bring film back to the masses. It helps create a better filmmaker by asking the filmmaker to think about the end result and only having a finite amount of footage. The look of film still cannot be duplicated and I’m glad to see it won’t be dying any time soon. Hopefully it will give a new generation the appreciation of the film process as a whole.  

Kodak offered a few quotes from some of the legends:

Robert Richardson, Cinematographer - Multiple Academy Award® Winner 
"I am a strong believer that a filmmaker should have as many tools at his or her command. The news that Kodak is bringing back Super 8 came as a great delight for it fortifies the future of film being made available to all. My career began with Super 8 and that transferred into working with the stock on a number of projects from JFK to Natural Born Killers. I could not be pleased more to hear that what I felt was slipping away into darkness is returning to the light."
Quentin Tarantino, Writer, Director, Producer - Multiple Academy Award® Winner 
"On film, there's a special magic on a set when you say 'action' and to the point that the take runs until you say 'cut,' that's a sacred time. I've always believed in the magic of movies and to me the magic is connected to film. When you're filming something on film you aren't recording movement, you're taking a series of still pictures and when shown at 24 frames per second through a lightbulb, THAT creates the illusion of movement. That illusion is connected to the magic of making movies. The fact that Kodak is giving a new generation of filmmakers the opportunity to shoot on Super 8 is truly an incredible gift."

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