What Happened, Miss Simone? - Netflix Documentary

Released last summer "What Happened, Miss Simone?" tells the story of legendary musician/civil rights activist Nina Simone. Her music was groundbreaking when she began in the 1950's and continues to influence artist across all genres. One of the greatest artist of our time, Nina Simone, is not often mentioned among other greats like Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, Gladys Knight, and many others. Maybe it was because she was so outspoken, a lil bit crazy, and didn't fit the stereotype of mainstream popular artist. This documentary touches on issues Simone dealt with as an artist, personally, physically, spiritually, and mentally. Nina Simone talked the talk and walked the walk, which may have contributed to both her rise and fall. As you will find out in, Simone did not hold her tongue and didn't care who it was.

Two thumbs up, I highly recommend watching this film. Definitely worth the watch. 

Watch the Trailer Here.

It's on Netflix so stop reading this and go watch it.