Round 2: No Punches Held Back

In case you haven’t been following any public news source, social media, or “locker room talk”, you might have missed the news!  This past Sunday night we had our 2nd Presidential debate between republican candidate Donald Trump and democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.  The debate was blasted to 64 million viewers on television and over 120 million on YouTube surprisingly, and was held at a town hall forum at Washington University.  We’ve discussed the ludicrous tactics involved with both parties in our prior BlogV’s, but this event had some fireworks unique to itself!

The night seemed to start off with respectable and restrained manners from both opponents, but that was clearly just the calm before the storm.  It’s been well documented that these two political candidates have been showcased negatively through the media-- though “negatively” may also coincide with “accurate”, if you were not familiar with the accusations levied on each party, then they both made sure you knew about the night’s conclusion. 

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However, I will give credit where it’s due, Martha Raddatz and CNN’s Anderson Cooper tightly moderated the event.  They each kept the political opponents to their time limits for responses and held them accountable for dodging the issues, for the most part.   What was clearly evident during the debate, from America’s current political environment, one skill that has not been lost, is the art form of finding a way to degrade your opponent whenever possible. 

To me, no matter what accusations were slung during the 90-minute forum, the policy stances and strategies of each candidate were clearly advocated.  Take a moment, and decipher amongst yourself what truly matters.  I won’t use this particular BlogV to sway your opinion and hopeful vote on Tuesday November 8th towards any candidate, but I will say, I think it VITAL we don’t take this election lightly.   Though it may seem like a clownish affair at moments, the policies that are to be put forward in the next 4 years are going to greatly influence the progression of our nation.  Meaning, this election is something we as American citizens cannot afford to take lightly.

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